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Jantine de Zwijger

Midwifery Practice Assistant

I am Jantine, married to Jan, and we have three grown sons. In 1981 I began working as a maternity nurse, I worked full time for 7 years. After the first two boys were born I continued my work part time. That meant working for 8 days (a complete postpartum period) and then two weeks off. After the arrival of our third son I only worked during home births in the evenings, nights and on the weekend.

As the children grew, I began to look for work with more predictable hours during the school day. In 2003 I began working for Midwifery Practice Astarte as their assistant. This practice joined with the Practice de Witte Uil in 2010, which later became Midwifery Practice Liva. The contact I have with all the midwives is very nice and I still enjoy going to my work.

Leonie Duindam

Midwifery Practice Assistant

My name is Leonie Duindam and I have been working as an assistant for Liva since September 2020. I am married to Jeroen and we live in The Hague (Leidschenveen). We have three children, two boys: Casper and Fabian and one daughter, Babette. Our children are school aged and it is always busy and fun.

I worked in the travel industry for the last 15 years. I lost my job as a result of a reorganisation. Fortunately, I always try to seize all opportunities and I can’t stand sitting still. I quickly began a new study. I proudly received my diploma as a medical secretary this past July.

I fill my spare time with my businesses in children’s clothes and cosmetics. And then I still manage to do fun things with my family and go walking.

I work Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 to 12:00 at Midwifery Practice Liva. Who knows, we may have each other on the telephone soon!