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Erna van de Bovenkamp

Midwife & Partner, Sonographer (basic), Contraception Expert

After high school I began studying social work; after two years my love for midwifery overruled. In 2000 I completed my study as midwife in Rotterdam. I began working as a midwife in various places including Rotterdam and The Hague. Working in a busy and often impersonal city was not what I was after. In 2001 a position in Voorschoten became available and I went after it.

After all the years my mission has remained the same; satisfied parents who reflect positively upon the pregnancy, birthing experience and postnatal period. The birth of our own two daughters solidified this. Being a part of the Liva team enables me to exercise my profession with great pleasure and dedication. In 2015 I completed training to work as a sonographer.  Although I find this an extremely interesting component within midwifery, my heart really belongs to the work alongside a mother’s bed. Much has changed in the years, but I still feel privileged to guide parents through one of the most important events in their life. Which is exactly what I had in mind in 2000.

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Jori Vermeiden

Midwife & Partner, Sonographer

In the past I worked as a nurse in a specialised injury centre in the Alrijne hospital in Leiderdorp. However, after completing my degree in nursing there was no doubt remaining, I wanted to continue studying to become a midwife! In 2012 I completed my study with the Midwifery Academy in Rotterdam. After practising as a midwife for half a year it became obvious that my heart belonged to  Liva. It is a practice that gives a lot of personal time and attention to their clients. I joined the company in 2014. And in 2016, twin girls made me a mother myself. 

I have discovered a new passion in addition to my love for midwifery and that is sonography. I am a registered sonographer. You may just meet me during our ultrasound office hours! Several times a year I also give training within our region in ‘acute obstetrics’.

I perform my work with great pleasure and am truly passionate about my profession. I think it is important to put a pregnant woman and her environment at the centre of the care we provide. It is amazing to be able to guide someone through such a special time in their life!v

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Nynke Hussem

Midwife & Coach for midwives in training

Hello, I am Nynke Hussem. I grew up in Zevenaar, Gelderland. I knew that I wanted to work as a midwife since I was 12 years old. After highschool I immediately began studying at the midwifery school in Kerkrade. In 1999 I received my diploma. I have worked in my own practice as well as in the Martini Hospital in Groningen. I then moved to Malaysia and Australia where I took a leave of absence.

Since 2016, I have lived in Voorschoten with my husband and three sons. I now actively work again as a midwife. I am passionate about guiding women and their partner through a pregnancy, childbirth and during the postnatal period. I hope that I may contribute to this special time in your lives.

Additionally, I work as an assessor for the midwifery academy in Rotterdam. It is my responsibility to determine whether the midwives in training are ready to begin practising the profession.

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Froukje van der Sar


My name is Froukje van der Sar. Even as a child I was always fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. I am also very interested in animals and nature, which is why I moved to Leiden to study biology. But after completing my study and working in my field I discovered a lack of satisfaction. This led me to follow my dream to become a midwife. I am so glad I made this career switch and am proud to call myself a midwife. Guiding women and their partners through the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period is very special and I am honoured to be a part of it. I am looking forward to meeting you and to assisting you during this very unique time in your life. It is important to me to spend time discussing your wishes, to help you trust your body and physiology. It is my goal that you and your partner are able to positively look back upon this special time.

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Romy Horsten